Story of a wine trip from Etna mount to Letojanni Mediterranean sea. Sicily

A Culonna red wine. Victor's restaurant Fish & fruit sea recipes

Story of A wine trip,
from an active volcano to the Mediterranean sea.
Starting from Randazzo

Randazzo view from the other side of Alcantara river


Etna view lava flow eruption from Randazzo

Passopisciaro area, towards Letojanni beach and fishermen village,

Letojanni beach

down to Taormina

Taormina Porta Messina Gate

along the mountain road driving till the seaside, these red and white “ACulonna” (the column)

Nerello Mascalese red wine by Giuseppe Scirto

Scirto wines, to reach a nice location restaurant, fresh fish specialised, where Antonella Risini is a great chef and host for a great recipes, at Victor Restaurant to give you all the chance to enjoy them together.

Recipe Victor's restaurant

Then, try to have lunch or dinner with such a kind of volcanic but delicate combination like tasteful Antonella’s recipes creations are, drinking Nerello Mascalese or other Scirto wine grapes.

“The best always choose the best!” 🙂

-What you want more in your life…-

Feel free to contact us for wine tasting, vineyard tour educational, chance to buy (even import/export) Scirto wines and have them at your place

Guarda / watch “Scirto Wine trip” from volcano to Victor’s restaurant:

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