Life, people and love photos, mother and son

Life, people and love photos, mother and son (there was a beautiful song “father and son”, mom and her child Kid moment, special hunature and being. The power of women and men is to procreate by the magic natural event of birth. Il legame viscerale della natura, dell’amore, madre e figlio, mamma e progenie, genitoriContinua a leggere “Life, people and love photos, mother and son”

La gente e il vino. People and wine quote…

– “Chi non beve vino ha qualcosa da nascondere.” – “People who doesn’t drink wine has something to hide” (Charles Baudelaire quote) Winery tour tasting and educational, experiencing #Etna wine at vineyard Nerello Mascalese and various other grapes, in Randazzo, Passopisciaro, Solicchiata, Castiglione di Sicilia. Visite e degustazioni in cantina e nelle vigne. *** USEContinua a leggere “La gente e il vino. People and wine quote…”

Poverty, povertà, poorness nowaday

– La Povertà non si Racconta, si Vive. L’uomo che rovista fra la spazzatura. – Poverty is not to tell, is to live. This photo showing a man searching in the street garbage was taken by me in Palermo, Sicily. Even if It’s a worldwide issue. La foto è solo l’esempio di un problema delContinua a leggere “Poverty, povertà, poorness nowaday”

Cool people quote. Citazioni allegre sull’umano essere.

“Ci sono due tipi di persone: quelle Stronze e quelle Pure. Quelle Stronze sono stronze! Quelle Pure, pure!” (quote) Picture taken in London, Notting Hill market (yes the location of famous movie). Live street artist play music doing cool street art performance Weelington wonderful pub, remember it.during your travel around there. Cool people quote. CitazioniContinua a leggere “Cool people quote. Citazioni allegre sull’umano essere.”

Holy friday Easter week in medieval faith and volcanic village on the slopes of Etna

Holy friday in Randazzo medieval village, Easter week. Jesus Christ on his cross and his mother the suffering the Madonna, people on faith will bring on their shoulders the two varas on procession. Big emotion because faith either cause simply folk.