Easter, Passion week, man brings cross on his shoulder, for Crucifixion

https://youtu.be/yavl3DGhDSc             Via Crucis  Passion and Easter week-days it will be performed religious live acts, plain of emotion.  Processions event and some folks. Jesus Christ (performed by a man) brings real Cross through the historic center, reaching an amazing, ancient big staircase named “Cappuccini”, here his crucifixion will take place onContinua a leggere “Easter, Passion week, man brings cross on his shoulder, for Crucifixion”

Holy friday, Easter week in Randazzo, Etna…

Buona Pasqua / Happy Easter.  Holy Friday live images, in Randazzo medieval village, Easter week.  Jesus Christ on his cross and the mother suffering Madonna, people in faith are bringing them both on their shoulders in a long and hard procession. Religion is the input.  Great emotions, faith, folclore, all together, features like these have lots ofContinua a leggere “Holy friday, Easter week in Randazzo, Etna…”